Tackle Box Essentials for Your Next Fishing Trip

How do you describe your gear familiarity when fishing? Are you an avid angler or a newbie? Either way ensuring your tackle box is packed with the essentials is the best way to make your day on the water a success. Check out our list of tackle box essentials to ensure you’re prepared for anything on your next fishing trip.  

1. Tackle box:

Inside of tacklebox
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Why not start at the root of your problems? The overabundance of brands, materials, size, and more can be overwhelming for even the most experienced fishers. Nothing is more relieving than knowing everything fits with ease and the latches stay closed. With that, the latches are one of the key features to look out for because they decide whether water creeps inside or not. The interior space is equally important because this helps you figure out what you can and cannot take with you. What if you despise boxes? Have no fear, there are bag and duffle options available that are waterproof and come with pockets!  

2. Weights, Hooks, Bait:

Assorted bait
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Weight chart
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Your hardware is one of the most essential things in your tackle box. Whether you prefer real or fake bait, stocking up and having plenty of options will allow for trial and error. Weights are equally as important. Keep a few on hand in your tackle box for when you need to go in deeper water. Not sure which species need what weight? Check out a weight chart so you don’t have to guess. 

Lastly, a hook is one of the most essential pieces of equipment when it comes to catching your fishPrimarily choosing your hook size based on your bait and game. The most popular sizes range from one inch to half an inch but there’s a size and type for all the various species of fish 

3. Line:

Fishing line and supplies
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Every angler has their favorite brand. What is your go-to? Be sure to pack an extra spool just in case your line needs to be cut. No one likes a trip cut too short due to something as simple as that. There are a variety of different types and materials to choose from based upon what style of fishing you’ll be doing. Check out this article of best fishing lines from INSIDER that lists the top brands and their preferred target species. 

4. Landing Net:

Rubber landing net
Photo courtesy of Drifter Marine.

The most obscure and forgotten tool. If it doesn’t fit in your tackle box, why bother? Wrong! Having a landing net can save your hook, line, and reel. By clearing some room in your boat, that trophy catch will be saved and ready for that awesome photo you’re dying to show everyone.  

5. License:

Fishing license sign
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Want to drive your boat? Fish with ease? Grabbing your license will save your back in any time of need. No one likes to pay fines when they’re just trying to have a relaxing day on the water. Many states require you to have one, even for the smallest of ponds. Just don’t get caught without it! 

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