Top 7 Most Forgotten Camping Supplies

Camping is tough, but packing is a whole other challenge. Sometimes the supply lists we make even miss key items. Let’s go over some of the most forgotten, yet most important camping supplies while packing for a trip.  

1. Tongs

Kitchen camping essentials
Kitchen camping supplies laid out. Photo courtesy of Google Images.

Avoid burning yourself while cooking over the campfire by remembering to pack tongs! A key tip: look for a pair with a long handle so it’s easy to reach your food over the open flame. Nothing is worse than burning yourself. 

2 . Duct tape

Duct tape on shoe
Duct tape repairing shoe. Photo courtesy of Google Images.

Repairing torn tents or packs, make-shift bandages, and so much more. So versatile, yet so forgotten when packing. The roll can be easily attached to your pack through your carabiner or some extra paracord.  

3. Chapstick 

 Lip SPF is crucial when spending so much time outdoors to avoid burnt, sore, and even cracked lips. It’s understandable that Chapstick is forgotten due to its small size, but place one in your jacket or pack and you’ll thank yourself for being so prepared.  

4. Baby wipes 

Knowing that running water is not always available at many sites, having baby wipes for freshening up is important. The flat pack makes it easy to be stacked with your other camping supplies, and each pack holding between 140 and 400 wipes lets you and your crew feel clean in between showers.  

5. First aid kit

Camping first aid kit on boots
Photo courtesy of Google Images.

It’s true that not everyone brings a kit with them because they trust their own safety precautions. But even a small pack can hold the necessities from cuts to scrapes and more. Don’t be caught without one in your pack.  

6. Batteries 

Batteries tend to lose their charge quickly, especially in extreme hot or cold weather. So, while you may have fresh batteries already installed in your equipment, the risk of them going dead is high. Save the day by slipping a few extras in your supplies. 

7. Wood

Campfire with tent in background
Photo courtesy of Google Images.

Twigs will not suffice for your weekend-long campfireAvoid the hassle of having to scrounge for wood by bringing your own! Or check the local area as many residents living near the campground may sell wood cheaper than the chain store nearby.  


Be sure to include these items in your camping supplies list the next time you’re packing for a trip. Not sure where to head next? Check out a list of our locations and start planning your next adventure. We hope to see you soon!