5 Best Travel Books to Add to Your Reading List

Whether you consider yourself an experienced or a novice camper, there is always something to be learned. Check out our top 5 travel books on camping and glamping that include personal advice and stories from authors and nature-goers.  

1. Glamping with MaryJane: Glamour + Camping  — MaryJane Butters 

Glamping with MaryJane
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New to the world of glampingRead along with Mary as she covers topics from cast-iron cooking to changing tires and so much more. When you have finished, a new wave of confidence will convince you to get out there and start traveling 

2.  Bushcraft 101: A Field Guide to the Art of Wilderness Survival — Dave Canterbury  

Bushcraft 101 cover
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Preparing for the unexpected? Author, Dave Canterbury is a wilderness expert and knows the ins and outs of safely navigating the outdoors. Offering advice for every obstacle that may come your way, let Dave’s advice lead the way and answer any questions you have.  

3. Where Should We Camp Next? — Stephanie and Jeremy Puglisi

Where Should We Camp Next? cover
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A list of every (yes, every) campsite in each state and what makes them amazing. Looking to travel to a new state and climate? Look inside. Or looking for a new fishing spot? The world is your oyster. Just read and be enlightened by the amazing campsites that are right around the corner 

4. The Easy Camp Cookbook — Amelia Mayer

Easy Camp Cookbook cover
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When thinking of camping, s’mores and hot dogs are the key foods that come to mind. But when your trip is longer than a few days, those foods get old quick. Explore new camping recipes with this book of easy recipes for every specialty diet. Plus, the author enjoys the outdoors and even lives in a national park with her family, so her recipes are perfect for a camper with limited space and supplies. 


Bad Kitty cover
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5. Bad Kitty: Camp Daze — Nick Bruel

Being new to camping is difficult. This fun and witty take on a kitty going camping with her family opens everyone’s eyes towards their hidden courage. Kitty’s story shows how everyone is ready for the outdoors, no matter their expertise. Before embarking on your family travels, check out Kitty’s story to remind your kids just how tenacious and shielding they are.  


No matter your proficiency, there is always something to learn with these travel books. Whether to sharpen your skills, remind you of other foods, or even expand your knowledge of your state’s amenities, each book listed offers something unique that will make it a great addition to your reading list.