Manufactured Home Trends

Spacious and Energy-Efficient

1802b-rolling greens villageThe manufactured home industry is ever-evolving to keep pace with consumer preferences. Current trends reflect the interest in greater energy efficiency and safety, as well as styling that provides many of the features found in site-built homes. Consumers are demanding energy efficiency in regard to appliances, doors, and windows because it offers savings in utility bills. While the specifics will vary among manufacturers, some options may include better insulation and a programmable thermostat. Manufactured home buyers also want to feel secure in inclement weather, so the industry is engineering them for wind safety. In addition, due to federal laws that mandate the installation of smoke detectors and prohibit putting combustible materials near sources of heat, these homes are among the safest on the market.


Stay In StyleManufactured Home Trends - Kitchen

The latest abodes are larger and are likely to contain walk-in closets and fully equipped kitchens that include an island and perhaps a breakfast bar. Companies have also responded to the popular desire of buyers to have an ensuite bathroom with double vanity and more luxurious touches. In regard to design, the mid-century modern look remains a strong customer favorite. The color trends of gray, white, black, and burnished wood will continue, but due to a broader interest in these homes, some of the latest colors will add more “pop” to a home’s décor.

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