Best Travel Apps to Improve Your RVing Experience

When traveling the country, it’s hard to beat the experience you get from RVing.  With the ability to carry a large number of supplies and provide comfortable living accommodations, it’s no wonder that millions of American households now own an RV.  However, to those new to the experience, traveling in an RV may seem a bit overwhelming and after all, it can be for even the most experienced RVers.  Luckily, in this age of smartphones there are countless apps out there to help anyone who are looking to make their RV experience more pleasant!  To make it easy, we’ve scoured the web and put together a list of the best travel apps to improve your RVing experience.

X Marks the Spot

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Long gone are the days of buying gigantic fold up maps of the US that will inevitably get crinkled and ripped up or the cumbersome task of printing off MapQuest directions.  Today, with any smart phone or device mapping apps with accurate directions and up to date notices about construction and traffic are readily available!  Across the board, the Google Maps and Apple Maps app ranks as the most trusted map app out there but other options like Waze and even MapQuest still provide excellent options.  With these apps at your disposal, you can kiss getting lost goodbye.

Preparation is Everything

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          As any saying about preparation goes, there is no doubt that proper planning can make or break any RV trip.  When it comes to packing, everyone can relate to either forgetting crucial items or over packing on items that in hindsight were not needed.  With apps like Packpoint and Packing Pro, you make packing one of the easiest parts of your planning stage.  Packpoint is a straightforward app that asks questions about yourself and your trip to help design a packing itinerary designed specifically for you.  Packing Pro is a similar app to Packpoint, butis packed with even more features, like guidance from an “expert”, which is especially helpful if you’re traveling in a larger group.

Efficiency is Key

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While having your trip mapped out and everything you need packed away is important, it really is only half the battle in making the most of your trip.  Once you’re on the road, these apps and all they offer are going to come in handy!  With ever changing gas prices, not only is making sure you know where the nearest pump important, but knowing where your cheapest options is just as crucial.  Apps like Upside, Gas Guru, and GasBuddy use all kinds of resources like partnerships with gas stations, the Oil Price Information Service, and users themselves to provide the most up to date information on gas station locations and prices.  When on the prowl for food, Yelp is without question the most popular option to find all dining options nearby but apps like HealthyOut and LocalEats help you find health conscious and highly rated local restaurants.  If you’re the adventurous type and love to hike, AllTrails and Gaia GPS are your go to travel apps to find the location and details on all the best hiking trails in any given area.

The Cove Way

campersAPP login instructionsAt Cove Communities, we pride ourselves in making sure that a stay at one of our RV resorts is one of the very best experiences anyone can have.  If you’re staying at one of our RV resorts, you may get the chance to experience one of our new favorite partnerships with CampersApp.  This app will allow anyone staying at our resorts to get access to real-time alerts, view activity schedule, get access to resort contact directory, a map of the resort, nearby attractions, and fun augmented reality games.  While Point Sebago Resort (Casco, Maine), Oak Harbor Village (Haines City, Florida), and Holiday RV Village (Leesburg) are the only resorts with access to the app currently, we plan to roll this out at all our RV resorts soon!


So, the next time to you start thinking about getting in an RV and hitting the road, remember some of these apps.  Whether it be to help map out your journey, create a packing list, find gas near you, the best food options around, or even making your stay at Cove RV Resort more enjoyable, there are plenty of apps available at just the touch of a button.  So be not afraid of an RV journey anymore, these apps are here for you!