Cove’s New Resort and Community App with Augmented Reality

If you haven’t heard, we’ve launched a new mobile app called CampersAPP. It allows you to get all the things you love about Cove Resorts, right at your fingertips! With this new app you can get real-time alerts about storm warnings, lost pets, park announcements, and more – and don’t forget about the activities calendar, where you can check out all the fun things going on at the resort. You’re also able to view the resort’s site map and contact directory, all from your phone.

We know, those are awesome functional things that will make your life A LOT easier. But it also has the capability to make your time at our communities and resorts a lot more FUN!


Augmented Reality with CampersAPP

Our brand-new mobile app has this cool capability called Augmented Reality (AR)! What exactly is AR? This fun bit of technology is the modification of a real-world environment, a 3D experience that combines real world environment with technological elements! Ever heard of the world-wide phenomenon, Pokemon-Go? It’s just like that!


The Fun of AR and CampersAPP

Now that you know exactly what AR is, let us show you the cool things our app can do to augment your reality. The first of the fun virtual games is the famous Sea Turtle! You simply select the turtle in the app, scan your surrounding area, and let the magic begin. First, you’ll hear soft music begin to play, you’ll scan the area with your phone until you find your virtual visitor! The turtle swims gracefully in the air, gracing you with its presence. Now, if a sea turtle isn’t your thing don’t worry, there are other plenty of other friends you can interact with, such as the Easter Bunny, Rudolf, and even Chippy at Point Sebago.

Besides having characters floating in your phone, the app also has fun games! Starting off with the virtual Camp Hunt scavenger

hunt! With this AR game you will find 20 camping objects around the resort. Simply tap on the items to collect them. We can’t forget about the Fish Finder! Simply find 15 fish around the resort!


So, if you’re looking for a convenient way to stay connected to the Cove resorts you love and a new, fun way to enjoy our resorts, download CampersAPP today and find each of our participating locations. AR games may vary depending on the resort you are staying at.