6 Spring Cleaning Tips to Create A Haven in Your Home: How to Organize, De-Clutter, and Renew

Spring Cleaning Never Felt So Good

It’s time to make it your own.

The COVID-19 pandemic has sent millions of people around the world into quarantine. Shelter-at-home orders have closed down workplaces and public gatherings, but staying home may have you feeling a little claustrophobic, surrounded by the possessions that you’ve accumulated through the years. This is your cue: it’s time to tackle those projects around the house, help you declutter, and get things in order. Are you ready for your space to feel brand new and for your spirit to be renewed?

  1. Start with something you are excited to tackle and that is manageable for you. Take a moment to look at your space, and think about how you want it to look. What are the most essential pieces of furniture? What doesn’t belong in the room but has just gravitated there? Once you’ve visualized how the room will look uncluttered, and figured out what is essential, the fun can start. Lotions, make-up, tools, and office supplies add up over time. Collect all misplaced items from your bathroom, bedroom, and wherever else they’ve landed, and then decide what you can toss and what needs a designated space. From there, decide which categories should live where and if any containers or trays are needed to organize items logically in drawers or on countertops. If it helps, you can measure your storage spaces find containers right from home.
  2. Bookshelves can be lovely focal points that show off your style and exquisite taste.

    Create a focal point to set off the vibe of your newly conceptualized space. The “spark joy” method popularized by Marie Kondo has been a beautiful way to look at your belongings–but when it comes to you bookworms–there’s no way you’ll get rid of those special stories sitting on the shelf. Fortunately, a well-maintained bookshelf can actually be a great focal point for décor if it’s executed well. Try alphabetizing, color-coordinating, or even ordering in unique ways (stacking vertically or ordering by size). Use this newfound cleared-off shelf space or coffee-table space to highlight special art pieces or ceramics you own and make sure it doesn’t get lost among other belongings.

  3. Tackle that pantry… and the fridge while you’re at it.

    Now that you are a pro shelf organizer, it’s time to show off your skills in the pantry. At this point in your cleaning spree, you’re probably hungry. Head to the kitchen, treat yourself to a well-deserved snack, and get reacquainted with your pantry. Now, take everything off your shelves and toss anything that’s past its prime. (Yes, even pantry staples can expire.) it’s important to spread the contents out and visualize your ideal set-up. Instead of feeling frustrated with the limited space, get creative with different vessels and jars to house your food items. Before placing your items back, make sure to clean and sanitize all shelves, deep corners, and mats to pick up those sticky honey drips and mystery stains.

  4. When your surroundings are decluttered, so are your thoughts

    Spring cleaning was created for closet overhauls. You knew this was coming. Remove every article of clothing and accessory then find a designated space to sort it out piece by piece. Create four clearly defined piles–

    • Trash It – Anything that is beyond hope or repair, like those worn-out sneakers or broken heels. That permanently stained shirt. The cracked belt and the old, frayed ‘square dancin’ shorts shoved in the back of the closet.
    • Donate It – Chances are you’re holding onto items that don’t fit your current style or that you’ve outgrown. If the item is in good condition but it doesn’t hold value for you, donate it.
    • Think on It – You’ll save a lot of time spent reminiscing in great times you’ve experienced in that particular piece if you give yourself a pile to revisit at the end of the purge process. Don’t worry, you’ll be even more invigorated in round two…
    • Keep It – These items truly bring value to your life and make it easier to get ready in the morning. After you’ve whittled your wardrobe down to only those garments, shoes, and accessories that you want to keep and plan to wear or use. These lucky pieces head back into your closet once your organizing system is perfected.
    • Now that you are left with your ‘Keep It’ pile, separate clothing by type, such as pants, skirts, shirts, and hang all appropriate items in an organized manner. It doesn’t really matter which organization method you choose–as long as you choose to stick with it!
  5. If you are more visual, it may help to draw out your vision.

    Rearrange your bedroom to rejuvenate the energy in your space. Now that your closet is empty and your surfaces are clear of objects, take this time to vacuum, wipe down tabletops, surfaces, and neglected areas. Start planning where and how you’d like your room organized. Envision the layout that works best for your bedroom and measure your furniture to make sure it will fit in the spaces that you want to move it. Depending on the current orientation of your room and your furniture, it’s sometimes easiest to go with an easy axis rotation, shifting things over one “position” or one rotation, and not trying to move mountains. If you’re looking for a little change, but aren’t quite sure how to make it happen, this can be a fast, and simple way of doing it with surprising results.

  6. Put some music on (our favorite playlist is in the link here) & groove while you organize.

    Get you to your goal. Any task can become very boring without music! Turn up your favorite playlist to keep you motivated. Try to stay on task and keep a clear head; it can be easy to get emotional when it comes to sentimental belongings. If you can’t move something, don’t get frustrated. Ask for help, talk to the people in your family about these projects, and create the plan together. If you’ve decluttered a bunch of stuff, you’ll have a good donation pile that’s just taking up space in a corner of your room and reminding you of those items that were particularly hard to get rid of in the first place. Take a few minutes to box it up and put it in your trunk. Drop it off tomorrow.

Sit Back, Relax, and Enjoy your Haven

Enjoy the Fruits of your Labor

See, that wasn’t so hard. Our hope is that you found this process to be effective. It’s a great time to freshen up your surroundings for spring and to give you a sense of pride at your home that now doubles as your office, gym, meditation zone, and cafe. Purging, de-cluttering, reorganizing, and rearranging furniture—can help you feel less cramped and trapped during a long quarantine.