Helpful Heroes Full of Heart: Goodwill in Your Community

Glamping Gives Back

This healthcare will be glamping in style to make sure his family remains unharmed.

Like most business owners in this pandemic, Mrs. Henning, the owner of Upcountry Camp (a glamping spot in Mississippi) had to temporarily stop running her tent rental company and got creative to help her community in need. Although all reservations had to be canceled, one of her guests reached out to ask for a different type of stay. This guest, a neurosurgeon, didn’t feel comfortable going to and from the hospital and potentially causing his family harm. Using the client’s personal tent, Henning “glammed-up” the space for free. “We added a metal bed frame, a memory foam mattress, quilts, bedding, pillows. I have a lantern and a fan to kind of make him feel a little more comfortable,” said Henning. She also got a call to make a set-up for a paramedic, who is also choosing to sleep in his home garage to keep his family safe. “I think it just shows all of us that we need to do our part and stay home so those people can get back into their homes.”

A Heartwarming Act of Kindness

Healthcare workers are putting themselves at risk every day.

A Minnesota state trooper moved a doctor to tears when he turned what should have been a speeding ticket into a heartwarming act of kindness. Dr. Sarosh Janjua, a cardiologist at a coronavirus quarantine unit, was pulled over for speeding. But instead of a ticket, Trooper Schwartz handed Doctor Janjua five N95 masks he was supposed to use as protection. “I burst into tears. And though it may just have been the cold wind, I think he teared up a little as well, before wishing me well and walking away, This complete stranger, who owed me nothing and is more on the front lines than I am, shared his precious masks with me, without my even asking.” While the coronavirus pandemic has changed the world as we know it, the kindness of people like Trooper Schwartz is a reminder that nothing can take away our unity in times of crisis.

Grocery Store Grants Wishes

Sprouts does its part in helping to provide free meals to the community.

TSO, a Chinese delivery service in Texas has been providing free meals to those who have been laid off due to furloughs. On this particular day, they ran out of broccoli to make the day free meal donations. TSO’s co-founder discovered what they needed at Sprouts and was about to pay full price; when without hesitation their store manager donated all 6 cases. This was 100% unplanned & unexpected–a huge thanks to Sprouts Grocers for helping to provide food to those who are in need. “If having a nice hot meal can make someone feel a little bit better then we are fortunate that we are in this position where we can provide those meals for free to the people that need it.” 

Happening at a Cove Community Near You

Rolling Greens residents enjoy spreading cheer on Easter Sunday.

At River Vista RV Village, Ron Jackson—winner of the Cove’s Got Talent Show—and Paige Jackson put on a Social Dis(dancing) show for everyone under the sun. Talk about uplifting the spirit while keeping safe & sanitary. Over at Rolling Greens Village, the residents had a safe distance Easter Golf Cart Parade in order to spread cheer and hope to all who reside in the community. There was an amazing turn out of residents driving their golf carts and truly treating it like a real parade. Residents across Cove’s communities have been stepping up to sew masks for healthcare workers or neighbors at risk. There are a wide range of patterns online; see if a nearby hospital accepts homemade masks or connect with a group involved in distribution. Thank you to all who reside in each and every community. Thank you, for always sharing your smiles, positivity, and support.