Neighbors at The Waters Show Healthcare Workers They Care
One Stitch at a Time

In Need of Protective Gear?

As the ongoing sheltering effort has everyone working on their hobbies and crafts from home, masks have been produced on a large scale for those in need. At The Waters in Melbourne Beach, we see a new kind of sewing project to help medical workers within the community and how they can affect change on a larger scale. Two residents, Gayle Schoep & Mary Lou Hickman, have been sewing their hearts out to make over 100 surgical protectant caps for Dr. Jennifer Bryan (a fellow Waters resident) and her co-workers who need these caps desperately. They are working on the frontlines in Ft. Lauderdale screening and caring for people at the cruise ports. The heroes battling this virus, are better protected and better groomed for the services they provide to the public each day. Thank you to another resident, Beth Stilwell for donating her fabric, and thank you again, for your teamwork, dedication, and service. Every contribution to this effort helps our community, country, and the world.

Grateful for Your Gifts

Emergency Medicare workers sporting their new surgical caps, created by The Waters residents!

Dr. Jennifer Bryan, Emergency Medicare, sent some appreciative words to Gayle, Mary Lou, Beth, and their Quilters Group:

“All of the surgical caps sent were graciously received! Everyone was so excited. I still have half a dozen nurses or so who don’t have them and would like to give them a second one to be able to wash one while wearing the other. I know a doctor who works at the ER at Holmes and can take them to him as well. The sizes are great thus far. Thank you!”

Do It Yourself 

To get started, this video lays the groundwork and shows the free pattern needed to create these surgical caps at home. Companies like Joann’s provide curbside pickup where you can place an order online and pick up your fabric with ease. The health care workers in your community express their gratitude and send their wishes of health and wellness. Happy crafting!