Top 5 Best Travel Podcasts

The podcast industry is growing every day and there seems to be just an endless number of shows to consume. With so many options to choose from, it can seem overwhelming to determine which podcasts are worth hitting the subscribe button for and which aren’t. That’s why we have compiled a list of the top 5 best Travel Podcasts that you won’t regret listening to.

  1. RV Miles

Family in camperHosted by full-time RVers Abigail and Jason Epperson, this podcast is dedicated to sharing the beauty of the RV lifestyle and experience. Listen as Abigail and Jason recount stories from their families’ adventures to some of the nation’s most well-known campgrounds and parks. Plus, with so much experience under their belts, this couple shares some the latest news in the RVing world as well as travel guides, cooking recipes, and other tips to help improve your RVing experience.

  1. Parklandia The Podcast

Sometimes a story is just so good you must hear it for yourself, and Brad and Matt Kirouac have just that story. After deciding to pick up their lives in Chicago, packing it all (including their dog Finn) into an RV and hitting the open road, Brad and Matt decided to go live out their dream. With one goal in mind of seeing all the nation’s national parks, the Kirouac’s take their listeners on an awesome adventure one episode at a time. They share their discoveries and insights found at each park they visit as well as discuss what it’s really like living the RV life full time.

  1. The RV Entrepreneur Podcast

For those RVers living on go, it is important to have a job that allows you to live a mobile life – but sometimes it can be hard to make it all work. On The RV Entrepreneur Podcast, Heath Padgett interviews “nomadic entrepreneurs” on how they were able to create a “remote income” in order to make their RVing dreams a reality. They give plenty of inspiration, tips, tricks, and ideas, and is definitely worth a listen for those who are trying to make a profitable career while living life on the road.

  1. The RV Atlas Podcast

If you’re looking for a podcast that will dive deep into the details of the RV industry, show what the RV family lifestyle is really like, as well as share interviews with unique and interesting personalities from the RVing world, then this is the podcast for you. Hosted by Stephanie and Jeremy Puglisi, award winning authors of books like “Where Should We Camp Next”, this dynamic RVing power couple help illuminate the best methods, tricks, and other secrets that help any RVer take their skills to the next level.

  1. Happy Camper Radio

Family CookoutThe final podcast on our list is centered around improving the experience and promoting camping/RVing for families. Chuck full of tips and suggestions to make the next family outdoor trip the very best it can be, it’s the one stop shop for all families looking for the next great adventure. From beginner advice to improving even the most seasoned camping family, the Happy Camper Radio podcast is getting families to out of the house and into the wilderness, one episode at a time.

Whether you’re on the go or currently staying at a campground, these podcasts are certainly worth the listen.  And if you’re looking for your next awesome get away to put these awesome stories and tricks to the test, then staying at a Cove RV Resort should be on your list. With 9 RV Resorts located from as far down south in the Florida Keys to up north in Maine, Cove Communities has your next adventure covered, so why wait?  Book today!