The Best Things to do in Medicine Hat -- Alberta, Canada

Medicine Hat is known for being one of the sunniest cities in Canada with a unique downtown to pique your interest. Lying within the Alberta province, there is no doubt that greenery, sunshine, and towering trees are going to surround you. Below are a just a few of  the best things to do when visiting Medicine Hat. 

1. Red Rock Coulee 

Red Rock Coulee field
Photo courtesy of Google Images.

The Canadian Badlands cover 56,328 kilometers (35,000 sq. Miles) of land, including 1,000 complete dinosaur skeletons dating back to the 1800’s. The badlands also home hoodoos (vertical rocks) and crater-like stones that are twins to asteroids from space. These craters are in a remote field, so be sure to watch out for mud and don’t forget to bring your camera for several breathtaking photo opportunities. 

2. Saamis Tepee 

Saamis Tepee at
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Constructed for the 1988 Winter Olympics, this tepee towers 65.53 meters (215 fall) in the air, making it the world’s tallest tepee!. Being labeled as “Medicine Hat’s most visible landmark”, there is no doubt it will catch your attention. Insider tip: visit the  the tepee when it’s lit up at night! 

3. Local Breweries and Roasteries 

Many of the small cafes and brew houses have one mission: to serve and make craft beverages for the locals and tourists. Each shop comes with its own history and upbringings that are filled with nothing but pride. The personality and atmosphere of each place is unique, yet will always be welcoming of everyone.  

4. Cypress Hills Provincial Park

Cypress Hills Park Map
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Camping, winter activities, events, trails, and more! There is plenty for everyone here. Located about 40 minutes south of Medicine Hat Village, this is the perfect day or weekend trip. There are plenty of opportunities for cross-country skiing, ice fishing, cabin rentals, and numerous trails for horseback riding and fat biking. Open year-round with the operating hours of the Visitor Centre, access is easy. Equipment rentals are available in their check-in office as well!  

5. Hidden Valley Ski Resort 

For the winter months, Hidden Valley Ski Resort begins their operating season on December 18th. Located within the Cypress Hills Provincial Park, the resort is a winter go-to with a friendly and fun environment. New to skiing or snowboarding? The resort offers lessons  for $50 to ensure you’re comfortable out on the slopes. Getting here from Medicine Hat is just as easy as you’d thinkhope! There is a bus offered that takes you to and from, just be sure not to miss it. Check their website for departure and arrival times. There is on-site parking available as well.  

6. Medalta at the Historic Clay District 

Kilns at Historic Clay Museum
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Being the home for all of Medicine Hat’s pottery industry, the Medalta museum shows the enormous impact clay has had on society and economics across Canada, especially in Alberta and Medicine Hat. The museum offers classes for kids and adults, field trip opportunities, and event rentals for community engagement. Curious about the history of the claySign up for one of their guided tours and travel back to 1912 to learn about the machinery and the state-of-the-art equipment used at that time. Registration, pricing, and availability is found here.  

The province of Alberta is one of the few that make up Canada, and Medicine Hat has a personality and history of its own that makes it so unique and enticing. From local shops and history to a weekend trip to a national park, the experiences never run out. Love the land? Check out our Medicine Hat Village  community and never escape!