Tasty RV Dinners Anyone Can Cook

Fast, Simple, Delicious

Coming up with dinner recipes while RVing can seem like an intimidating task, but it doesn’t have to be.  With a little preparation, anybody can make delicious meals whether you’re staying at any of the beautiful Cove Communities RV resorts or any other campground!

A Cheesy Classic!

Credit: Karolina Kolodziejcsak

Mac and Cheese is one of the most practical and yet delicious meals for someone on the go with their RV.  An amazing mac and cheese can be made all by yourself with simple ingredients like butter, milk, flour, salt, and cheese.  Following simple recipes like those provided by BudgetBytes$ can fill you up with homemade delicious goodness in no time.  If you’d rather not put your cooking skills to the test however, you can always fall back on the classic American mac n’ cheese brand, Kraft.  Even then, you can always elevate that simple boxed meal by following these recipes advised by Kraft.

Credit: Ball Park Brand

Hot Diggity Dog!

Another fun and quick meal is without a doubt hotdogs, sausages, and bratwursts.  Easy to obtain and cook, it’s as simple as hooking it on to a skewer or on a grill and letting the fire do the rest.  If you’re concerned about not having a fully cooked wiener, you can always throw them in boiling water before sticking them on the skewer or grill.  To get them ready, boil hot dogs for about 4-6 minutes and sausages and brats for about 5 to 10 minutes.  Don’t forget about the tasty condiments like ketchup, mustard, diced onions, relish, pickles, sauerkraut, jalapeño, and cheese!

Credit: Tangerine Newt

Vegetarian Too!

Don’t worry vegetarians, we haven’t forgotten about you!  There are plenty delicious, meatless options that anyone can still enjoy.  Tofu kabobs are fun to make over a roasting fire.  Just dice up some tofu and vegetables like zucchini, bell peppers, and onions and maybe even some pineapple!  Lather them up in some seasoning like teriyaki sauce and you have a delicious and healthy dinner.  Roasted corn is also a camping staple whether it’s on the grill, over a campfire, in the oven, or on the stove.  Simply shuck that skin off, season it up, and cook up whichever way your taste bud’s desire.  If you want something quick and with little to no preparation, canned meatless chili is always a winner around the campfire.  Just add simple toppings like cheese and you’ll be full, warm, and cozy under the stars in no time!


Following these steps and ideas can help any RVer and camper take dinner from a daunting task to a fun activity!  With a little preparation and imagination, anyone can be a master-chief of the campfire!