Discover A Hidden Gem in Florida's
Lake Country

If you are constantly on the lookout for unique destinations, Oak Harbor RV Village captures the essence of ‘Old Florida’—a quieter, more picturesque side of the state that many visitors seldom Lake Lowery Glamour Shotsee. Nestled just outside Haines City in central Florida, this is an ideal spot for those who are seeking a tranquil getaway amidst the beauty of Florida’s lake country. This charming 55+ RV park, positioned perfectly between the bustling cities of Orlando and Tampa, offers a refreshing contrast to their tourist-laden streets.

The park itself is meticulously maintained, blending seamlessly with the surrounding landscapes. Every site is equipped for RVs, ensuring that visitors can enjoy the modern conveniences of cable and internet if they choose, though the real allure is undoubtedly the outdoors.

Explore Old Florida

The advantage of staying at Oak Harbor isn’t just the immediate access to lake life; it’s also the nearby historic towns that showcase the laid-back charm of Old Florida. Towns like Lake Alfred, Winter Haven, Auburndale, Lake Wales, and Lakeland are just a drive away. Each offers a unique slice of history, from antique shops and historic estates to local farmer’s markets and cozy diners. These small-town treasures provide a delightful contrast to Florida’s more commercialized destinations. It’s here that you really feel the soul of the quieter side of Florida—far from the theme parks and high-rise hotels.

Engage in Florida Lake Life and Fishing

One of Oak Harbor’s most captivating features is its sprawling 1,000-acre private lake. Here, you can enjoy exclusive access to a boat ramp, two canals, and private docks, perfect for anyone Fishing at Oak Harborlooking to indulge in a bit of fishing, boating, or simply enjoying the water views. The private lake offers a rich mix of fish species making it a paradise for fishing enthusiasts. Residents can enjoy fishing off the docks or take a boat out for a day on the water. The sound of water gently lapping at the shores, coupled with the abundant wildlife, makes this an ideal setting for reconnecting with nature. The lake life here is all about embracing the calm and serenity of the surroundings—whether it’s kayaking, paddle boarding, or enjoying a quiet sunset.

Versatile Stays for Every Type of Traveler

Oak Harbor caters to any type of visitors with plenty of accommodation options:

RV Sites: Bring your home on wheels and settle into one of the spacious, fully equipped sites.

Rentals: For those without an RV, the park offers rental accommodations that provide all the comforts of home. Choose from a beautiful

Oak Harbor RV Village Cottages for Sale Oak TreeCottages: These charming tiny homes, available now for sale, offer a flexible vacation and seasonal living solution. Ideal for those planning longer stays or frequent seasonal visits, these homes blend the simplicity of RV living with the amenities of a traditional residence.

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Manufactured Homes: Those looking for a more substantial, yet serene home can opt for the manufactured homes for sale within the park.

Here, in this lakefront retreat, visitors can rediscover the joy of simple pleasures, surrounded by a community of like-minded souls who cherish the quieter, simpler life as much as they do. Each time one returns to Oak Harbor RV Village, they find what they were looking for: peace, natural beauty, and a touch of nostalgia for a Florida that moves at a gentler pace.