A Rich Culture, a Robust Past: Grant Village

Your Wish, Granted

Happy Residents at Grant Village

The much-anticipated recreation center in Grant Village has opened, and residents are coming in to enjoy the games, laughter, and camaraderie. It’s wonderful for neighbors to have a place to meet and get to know each other. In addition, the city of Saskatoon offers an unending source of delights that will captivate audiences of all ages and cultural backgrounds.

Museum Hopping 

Your new favorite activity will be to visit these amazing Saskatoon museums. Grant Village and the surrounding area boasts a broad range of 17 museums showcasing different artifacts and anecdotes sure to pique your interest. Whether you are a history buff, science fiend or an art enthusiast, you’ll find it all here.

Aviation Museum and Learning Centre
Hang out in the Hanger at the Saskatchewan Aviation Museum & Learning Centre

The Saskatchewan Aviation Museum and Learning Centre is a crowd favorite as it is completely staffed and maintained by volunteers from the Saskatchewan Aviation Historical Society. This society restores and conserves aircraft to act as technological records of the past as well as ensuring the skills and manufacturing techniques are carried on so they never vanish.

Ukrainian Museum of Canada

Truly, it’s hard to know where to start, but one of the most popular choices is the Ukrainian Museum of Canada. It provides a fascinating look at the hardships of those who sought refuge in Canada from this far-away place. The address is 910 Spadina Cres E.

Remai Modern Museum
You Will Discover Modern Art of Every Kind at the Remai Museum

Remai Modern is a museum of contemporary art that features many Canadian artists. The building is beautiful and the riverside setting of the grounds is scenic. You’ll find it at 102 Spadina Cres E.

Museum of Natural Sciences
Discover the Age of Reptiles, Starting with this Stegosaurus Fossil Replica

Another treasure trove that inspires and ignites the imagination, the Museum of Natural Sciences makes an especially fun outing for a children’s sightseeing trip. While it’s small, it’s like a mini-education center. The address is 114 Science Pl.

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The Peaceful Setting of Grant Village

You’ll love living in this exciting city on the vast Canadian prairie. From the rich cultural landscape to the ideal of living amongst like-minded individuals, Grant Village is the answer to your home needs. To schedule a tour of a manufactured home for sale or rent, call 306-249-2222. The address is 219 Grant Street, Saskatoon, SK.