5 RV Storage Ideas to Help Stay Organized

If you’re an avid RVer who loves to take their home on wheels out for a spin frequently, you know that storage can be less than ideal. If you’re looking to find some new storage ideas for your RV, look no further. We’ve got 5 brilliant tips that will help  create more space and reduce the clutter in your RV. But, before you start trying to reorganize everything all willy nilly, we’re going to have to start by taking some inventory.  

First, go through everything you own in your RV and purge anything that– as Marie Kondo would say– “does not spark joy,” or that you really do not need. Have you used it in the past year? If not, it’s probably not necessary and is just taking up valuable storage space. 

Another good rule to live by, is the “one in one out” system, where you purge one item when you get something new. If you buy a new spatula, the old one should be removed. This will help reduce clutter in an already tight space. 

Now that we’ve purged the things you no longer need, let’s get into these storage tips!  


1. Stackable, foldable items are your friend! 

Stackable and collapsible items are key to saving room in your RV. If you have the option, choose things like  nested mixing bowls, stackable pots and pans, collapsible laundry baskets, or even a foldable tea kettle in lieu of the regular options. Anything that can compact smaller than when it’s in use will save you space.  


2. Don’t forget about that vertical storage space!

Hanging and vertical storage space can be the ultimate hack when it comes to making space in your RV. Some of our favorites in this category are stacking storage organizers or adding hooks on doors and cabinets. This will provide lots of extra storage for common things such as kitchen items, toiletries, shoes, trash cans, hair dryers, and more. 


3. Hidden storage makes for a clean, uncluttered look. 

Storage that can be hidden behind cabinets and under beds can make your home on wheels look organized and put together– even when you don’t feel the same yourself. Some of our favorites are things like bed frames with built in drawers, under the table storage drawers, and even tables that open! Another hidden storage item that may be a life saver in the future are pull-out surfaces such as a pull-out cutting board that helps provide extra counter space.  


 4. Vacuum sealed bags are a life saver.

Vacuum seal items that aren’t currently in use for extra space. Sealing big items such as comforters, extra pillows, coats, and even out of season clothing will make for much more storage in your closets and drawers. Plus, there are a few different bag options you can choose from, for bigger or smaller items.  


5. Storage containers are a must!

This may be the first thing you think of when it comes to storage, but we wanted to hit on it just in case. Storage containers are the best way to get your RV organized and clutter free. Use clear containers to easily identify what is inside or add labels to non-clear containers. Utilize them to store things like food items, put them on shelves for easy organizing, or even use them as dish cradles for vertical dish stacking.  


Now that we’ve gone through all our storage ideas, we hope your RV has a new flow of organization, which makes it the perfect time to start thinking about your next RV trip! Plan your next vacation at one of our many RV Resorts in the US. from Maine, all the way down to Florida, we’ve got an RV Resort that’s sure to fit what you’re looking for.