Top 10 Ways to Make Your RV More Earth-Friendly 

Making Eco-Friendly Choices

With Earth week reminding us to be good stewards of our planet, it’s only appropriate to wonder, “what are some ways I can be more eco-friendly when traveling in my RV?” While many of us love our RVs and the endless travel opportunities they give us, they tend to leave a large carbon footprint on our Earth. Luckily, we have you covered with the top 10 ways you can make your RV more Earth-friendly! 

1. Choose a smaller RV

Inside of an RV with a couch, sink, TV, and bedroomThis first one might seem obvious, but it’s certainly a great option to reduce your carbon footprint. When you opt for a smaller option, you’ll have a lighter RV that burns less fuel, uses less power, and doesn’t require as big of a space to heat or cool. 

2. Install a solar panel 

The beauty of River Vista RV Village from birds eye view

This second option, which is especially convenient during the day, allows you to use the sun to power your RV. Not only is it less harmful to the Earth, but it also gives you more of a variety of places to camp; instead of only going to places with traditional power sources, you can go just about anywhere that’ll provide you enough sun. Solar panels have also made great strides in their design over the past few years, so they’re light and easy to transport. 

3. Install a wind turbine

Primitive RV Sites - Big Pine Key fishing LodgeLike solar panels, wind turbines are another great option to attach to the top of your RV as a power source. While they can be a bit loud sometimes, there’s no harm in trying them out to see what you like!

4. Pack less

Aerial Big Pine KeyWhether in an RV, plane, or car, we’re all guilty of overpacking when we travel. We’d hate to get to our destination and realized we forgot something, but the more we load up our RVs, the heavier they are. And the heavier they are, the more fuel they require. Try your best to pack only the essentials and watch how much money and power you can save!

5. Opt for a lower average speed

RVs parked at Holiday RV VillageIf you’ve ever seen semi-trucks driving slow on the highway, this is why. The faster you go, the more fuel you burn, making your carbon footprint much more significant than it needs to be. It’s recommended that RV-ers aim for an average of 55 mph, so try taking it slower next time you’re on the open road while soaking up all the scenery around you.

6. Buy used

Like purchasing a car, there are great used options for RVs. Not only can you buy a used RV, but you can also look for secondhand options for decorating and furnishing the interior. In doing so, you’ll save money and reduce your footprint, so it’s a win-win for you and our Earth!

7. Get your routine services

RVs need routine maintenance checks just like any other vehicle, so it’s important not to miss those. From oil changes to checking tire pressure, maintaining a good quality RV across the board makes it much more energy-efficient than if you were to skip out on these services. 

8. Choose renewable materials

RV to DownsizeLike option #6, using renewable materials to design your RV interior is a great way to be eco-friendly. Looking for materials that you can recycle in the future is an easy place to start.

9. Stay away from disposable items

The Little Manatee River in RuskinSimilar to the above option, this is an easy way to make your RV eco-friendly. We all know that single-use items like, plastic water bottles and straws harm our planet. The best part about this option is that you don’t have to break the bank; look for items in your home that you already own, like real dishes, cups, and cutlery, that you can use when traveling in your RV. 

10. Conserve water

Kayaking in Sebago LakeLast on our list of the top 10 ways to make your RV more Earth-friendly is conserving water. Of course, you still have to wash your hands, dishes, and take showers when you’re traveling, but the easiest way to be conscious of the Earth is to do all of these things in shorter intervals and turn off the water when you’re not using it in that exact moment. 

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