Meet River Vista’s Star Ambassador: Delilah Lofton

At Cove, we know that it’s the people that make our communities truly special.  Which is why they’re at the center of the type of lifestyle we provide at our communities and resorts.  We’re not just talking about shuffleboard and book club (though we may offer activities like that, too).  We’re talking about engaging residents and guests in exciting opportunities that support active, healthy lifestyles.  One of the ways we do that is through our Ambassador Program, which is open to all Cove residents and guests who have a positive and happy outlook and willingness to share their thoughts, ideas, or skills.  Ambassadors work closely with Cove team members to organize activities and events for all to enjoy and it’s this relationship that allows us to build a community that fulfills the passions of our guests and residents.  At River Vista RV Village, one ambassador has been shining bright and is helping to make this resort, as she puts it, “A park with a heart.”

Delilah Lofton arrived at River Vista on April 1st, 2021, with her husband looking to stay for only 30 days.  After those thirty days were up, she and her husband just couldn’t get enough of the community and have since made it their permanent home.  When asked what made her stay, Delilah simply responded, “The people…Here we can make this place whatever we are able to make of it.  And we have developed such great friendships.”  Since she has arrived, Delilah has immersed herself into the community by volunteering to help run activities like arts and crafts, cornhole groups, and ladies and gentlemen board game events.  She has helped put together “looking out for each other roles” like dog watchers for those who may need to leave the property for the day and need someone to look after their furry friends.  “It’s just all getting people together…listening to what they want…and looking out for new people.”

When asked what kind of reaction she gets from her fellow residents and guests for all the work she and her fellow ambassadors do, Delilah kept bring up one word, “Grateful”.  From Sunday Funday’s to charitable soup kitchens, Delilah has both seen and heard the positive impact her work has done for River Vista.  “Everyone is just so grateful for all that we have going on.  No one ever feels like they have to leave the resort to go out to dinner or have some fun.”

Of course, Delilah’s excellent work in the community has left a mark on the resorts team, with River Vista’s Lifestyle Coordinator calling her, “My star Ambassador!”  This relationship between the community team member and the ambassadors is what helps bring big ideas to life and help the culture flourish.  As Delilah puts it, “We don’t want to go looking to change the culture, but we want to always be looking for fresh ideas.”  With the introduction of new technologies and services that help make the resort experience better, Delilah’s ability to connect with both management and community members creates the necessary bridge that makes residing and servicing the community just that much better.

As we head into the new year, Delilah looks to continue her residence at River Vista, and she isn’t just looking to maintain what is already there.  “I am looking forward to creating more tools for guests and residents to work with at the community.  I am looking forward to helping with upgrades around the resort like at the clubhouse, coming up with cost saving measures, and most of all continuing to attract more people to the resort and growing the community culture.”  If the past year and nine months has taught anything to the people of River Vista, it is that the future looks to be shinning as bright as Delilah does.