Here At Rolling Greens Village, Life is Evergreen

An Idyllic Spot for Active Retirees

Imagine living in your very own village.

Living at Rolling Greens Village is most rewarding, as the activity options offered are endless. The greatest joy of retirement is having the time to gain new hobbies and create time for you. Residents can participate in all manner of fitness pursuits like yoga, golf or water aerobics, along with games like canasta, bingo, and billiards. Those who have always wanted to learn a craft, such as knitting or quilting, have the opportunity to do so at every turn. Aside from these exciting endeavors, there are always special events on the calendar to look forward to as a community.

Sing a Spring Tune

Bring Your Own Lawn Chair Concert Series to be held at the Rolling Greens Memorial Park

Events at the village frequently involve concerts featuring tributes to songs from the 50s and 60s, a golden era in American music. Performances include Motown tunes, The Mystics, as well as hits of the incomparable Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons. This weekend, on Saturday, March 14th bring your lawn chair to Rolling Greens Village Memorial Park for the California Surf Concert. It is going to be a special one as it will be performed by members that were all a part of the original Beach Boys! These shows are so magical and surreal as they have the unique ability to take back to another era.

Local Attractions

“Gypsy Gold is a magical and magnificent place. We enjoyed the gorgeous horses and exotic birds. Go take an interactive tour!”

The town of Ocala has lots of interesting things to see and do especially when the weather is this gorgeous. Gypsy Gold Farm, one of the top attractions, is the home of the happiest horses you’ve ever seen. It’s a therapeutic place to visit because the animals are friendly and love to be groomed and admired. Sholom Park is a sublimely peaceful oasis with botanical gardens, a glimmering pond and two miles of paved nature trails. It’s wonderful to bask in the serenity here on a stressful day.

Are You Ready for Village Life?

All the laughs are around the Rolling Greens pool!

Rolling Greens Village is beautiful, safe and quiet; and the people are friendly and welcoming: it is no wonder the residents love it! On April 4th, the Goodbye Winter Guest Party will feature music by Amy Reese which will warm the residents up for a free dance on May 22, with classic rock music by Plane Rock Band. Like all major holidays, the community will celebrate Easter together with a big dinner. The village plans to supply the main dish of holiday ham, and attendees will bring side dishes. Scrumptious food, sparkling conversation and plenty of laughter are always present at these outstanding events. To schedule a tour of our homes for rent or sale, call 352-624-0140 and be sure to explore any current home sale special offers. The address is 1901 SE 58th Ave, Ocala, FL 34480.