Glamping in Maine

Glamping vs. Camping

Fully Powered Glamping Tents at Point Sebago Resort

Camping can be a cringe-worthy term for some; it brings images of trying to put a complicated tent together, sleeping on the cold hard ground, or the endless search for a reasonable place to use the restroom. For these people, these stressors outweigh the benefits of being surrounded by nature’s pure unadulterated beauty. Thankfully, there is a new wave of tent camping that includes Egyptian thread count sheets, modern furnishings, and oh yes: indoor plumbing. You get to indulge in the same services you would receive in a 5-star hotel, set in an idyllic wilderness.

History of Glamping

Glamping is a concept that blossomed with the trend of ecotourism and experience-centered travel.  When you break down the word, you arrive at its origin: glamour meets camping. All the amenities and comforts are still afforded to you in a luxurious setting – yet you are dozing off beneath a canvas tent and the great outdoors is one screened door of separation away. This truly unique travel experience has grown exponentially on a worldwide basis and now includes various styles of abodes and varying degrees of luxury.

Glamping: All The Adventures of Camping in Nature’s Wonderland

Are you seeking a deeper sense of connection to the world around you? You wouldn’t be alone in this. People crave an experience that tells a bigger story: one that reminds us of where we came from and lets us escape where we currently are. When you glamp, expect to be surrounded by a stunning natural landscape without having to “rough it”. Glamping at Point Sebago Resort.

Surround Yourself With the Beauty of Point Sebago Resort

Now you can glamp within the natural beauty surrounding Point Sebago Resort in Maine. There will be four charming styles that will be sure to resonate with your adventure-traveler spirit.



The Serendipity – a Glam Tent Experience

A Night in The Serendipity Will Leave You Satiated

Wake up to a glamorous retreat underneath a shimmering chandelier. Wander out to a shining sunrise above the pines. The Serendipity Glamping experience is all the glamour you want – away from the hustle and bustle of things you don’t need.



The Gadabout – a Boho Tent Experience

We’ll Cue up “Gypsy” By Fleetwood Mac and You Bring The Vibes

After a starlit night singing acoustic melodies and sitting around your campfire, retreat to your boho glamping haven. When you stay in the Gadabout Tent the sentiment is eclectic and relaxed. Experience a carefree stay where your wildest dreams come true.


The Mainer – a Rustic Tent Experience

The Ultimate Rustic Maine Stay

Experience Maine – the way life should be. The Mainer Glamping vacation is the rustic lodge style tent that is reminiscent of your family cabin, or the one you wished you always had. Throw your fresh catch on the grill and relax as you watch the sun go down beyond the horizon.

The Wayfarer – a Coastal Tent Experience

Sail Your Way to the Wayfarers Stay

The picturesque Sebago Lake begs to be explored and enjoyed. When you need to make port in a relaxing coastal environment away from the cityscape: set a course for your relaxing getaway in the Wayfarer tent. Enjoy the tranquil blues and refreshing hues of your glamping experience.


One Word to Describe Glamping: “Extrasensory”

Glamping Starts Here: Experience the Magic at Point Sebago Resort

Which of our four glamping sites is your favorite? All are open and ready for booking during the summer season. Do not spend any longer stressing and longing for air conditioning when your perfect best of both worlds experience is right under your nose. Our fully furnished eco-tents come with electricity and power, allowing comfort of home while exploring nature. Help us celebrate the dreamlike essence of our glamping sites via booking your getaway with us! Head over to our booking page, check availability, and finally book your glamping vacation in Maine!