A Destination of Delight at Dunlop Village

Metropolis Meets Farmland

Will You Be at Oktoberfest this year?

Dunlop Village is found in Saskatoon, a vibrant metropolis surrounded by picturesque farmland. Residents of the village love the new community center because the activities make it easy to meet their neighbors and become friends. The city offers a range of events that everyone looks forward to every year. One coming up in the fall is Oktoberfest. On September 28 and 29, the locals don their bohemian duds and attend this exciting cultural gala. Attendees have much to enjoy, including performances, artistes, buskers, artisans and food vendors.

In The Heart of the City

Enjoy nature in the heart of our little village

When you want to hike, bike or just savor nature’s peace and beauty, head to Meewasin Valley, an area with wonderful views of the river. It’s an unbeatable spot for engaging in exercise. If physical activity isn’t your goal, you can sit on a riverside bench, relax and watch the birds. Because it’s right in the heart of the city, you’ll likely stop here often when you’re out and about. The address is 402 3rd Ave S, Saskatoon.

Meerkats at the Saskatoon Forestry Park & Zoo

One With Wildlife 

Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park & Zoo is a destination of delight for the young and old alike. Whether you like to observe the pride of an eagle, the majesty of a lion or the playful antics of a goat, you’ll see it all here. Admission is $7.50 for children and $12.50 for adults. The address is 1903 Forestry Farm Park Drive, Saskatoon.

Join Our Community

Join Us at Our Dunlop Community

Manufactured homes are available for rent or purchase. To schedule a tour, call 306-249-2222. We’d love to meet you! The address is 321 Dunlop Street Saskatoon, SK.