7 Reasons Why We Should Be Friends


Community Life

We live in a modern world, constantly connected, and it can feel like you are missing out if you aren’t subscribed to the latest updates from friends, family, and favorite brands. We want you to be the first to know when we have offerings. We have the answers to your burning questions here.

1. Special Offers  

We always post our special offers, coupons, and deals on our Facebook page so jump online and see how we can help you save time and money so you can enjoy more of what you truly love.

2. Do Your Research 

Walk Confidently In the Direction of Your Dreams.

How are you going to know what kind of home you want? How will you know exactly what type of vacation you want to plan? Look no further than Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram for photos, real testimonials from past and current residents, and ask community members about life with Cove.  

3. Keep In Touch 

Drone shot of outdoor tennis courts, a pool, and shuffle board playing area
A Birds Eye View of The Amenities and Sports Courts at Rolling Greens Village.

The home purchase process can be a long one and the best place to start is by using the resource that is here for you and so easy to access: via Facebook and Twitter. Our business pages will serve as a useful news resource where you will find important updates without having to sift through the company website each time you need a question answered. 

4. Provide Feedback 

We Love To Hear Your Unique Feedback!

YOU matter! Sometimes the best outlet to let us know how you feel is online, and in a forum with your peers. We want you to feel great knowing your passionate feedback is going straight to the source that can affect real change.  We care and we want to genuinely know your thoughts on how we excel and how we may improve for the ongoing improvement of Cove Communities.  

5. You’re Invited to All the Best Events 

Enjoy Activities Like Water Aerobics at The Waters in Melbourne Beach.

We have a robust activities calendar at every community, and we love to send it out to the universe as soon as we have it on the calendar. This gives you the opportunity to get in the discussion, see the schedule, and most importantly to find out which friends will be in attendance.  

6. Let Your Competitive Spirit Fly  

Get in on every exciting contest we run and enter for your chance to win big! There is 0nly one way to find out if you’re the winner, you have to get involved in the action. In the past, our followers have won glamping stays and Amazon gift cards to name a few. 

7. Share Interests and Find Community 

Open Yourself Up to More Possibilities, New Friends, Exciting Activities, and More Life.

Feel confident enough to log on and get answers for yourself. Now, this is as simple as having Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram on your smartphone. Download and join in on the conversation.  It feels great to know you have a quick and easy outlet to reach your friends and trusted sources.  

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