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Sun Valley Community Hub

The Community Hub is here.

We know it's not easy to keep track of all the fun activities and everything that is always going on at Sun Valley. That's why there's the Community Hub - an online hub where residents will find the Activity Calendar and soon be able to register for special events and programs.

The Community Hub will also be your 'go to place' to get news and other facts and information related to life at Sun Valley.

Check it out now, you'll be glad you did. And, don't forget to tell your neighbors!


Shuffleboard, more precisely, deck shuffleboard. Regardless, a hot topic at Sun Valley.

Shuffleboard is a pretty serious game at Sun Valley. Whether you call it indoor shuffleboard, slingers, shuffle puck or quoits, you will want to try your 'hand,' or maybe your cue, at this fun game of skill and strategy.

Arts and Crafts

Crafting is wonderful for the soul and our social life. Whether it's scrapbooking or photo book covers, there are so many benefits to this pursuit of creativity. Check out the 5 top craft trends for 2018 listed in "Country Living."
Lino Printing
Candle Making
Jungle Prints

If it's not happening today at Sun Valley, there's bound to be a group of crafters ready to give it a whirl.