The Waters dock and tables

Leagues and groups mixed with water and sunshine!

Ideally located oceanside between a stunning beach and a meandering river, The Waters is the perfect setting for groups to gather for activities and entertainment or to simply take a leisurely walk along the beach boardwalk and fishing pier. The indoor and outdoor spaces join seamlessly to offer a perfect environment to host the numerous activities and events held at the community.

The clubhouse is ideal for residents and guests to come together. The mix of amazing Florida weather and stunning views, coupled with the natural urge to spend every minute in the outdoors, makes the outdoor spaces perfect for group activities around the pool or near the water.

Groups come together regularly for dances, bingo, and game nights, special group excursions and day trips to area attractions. The shuffleboard leagues are a popular pastime and the competition is steep so bring your best game.

To find out more about the group activities and entertainment, check The Waters' Community Hub.

A friendly game of MahJong anyone?

There is some type of group activity or event every day of the week. Check out our Activity Calendar to keep up with all that is happening at The Waters.